Where I find my inspiration.

Many of you email and ask for meal recipes / healthy meal plans and exercise tips.

Whilst I have a huge interest in all of the above I am not a trained PT or a nutritionist and I don’t feel comfortable giving that kind of advice. Instead I’d like to share with you the sites and blogs that I go to for tips and inspiration:

– The Tone It Up girls (link HERE) are two whimsical hotties that make training easy. They post weekly youtube videos with fun exercise routines, they share some awesome recipes and are active on social media with daily boosts of motivation. This is a great site if you find gymming intimidating and want to learn some basics of training with dumbbells or your own body weight.

– Swedish hottie Hannah that writes Fashionable Fit (link HERE). She has a body to die for, posts on a regular basis and writes about both meals and exercise routines. As she is a trained PT I trust her advice and log onto her blog daily. She has a spiritual side to her writing too and promotes the importance of thinking happy thoughts 🙂

– The Model Foodie by the lovely Bailee that I shot an advertisement campaign with in the Maldives last year. (link HERE). Bailee is as lovely as she is beautiful and writes a straight forward food blog where she translates all popular recipes into leaner ones. A must read if you are a foodie!

– Elanas pantry is a a brilliant blog if you are trying to stay grain free. This is a must for all Paleo-nistas. Elana bakes pretty much anything and everything from alternative flours and her chocolate zucchini bread (yes you read it correctly) is to die for. (link HERE).

6 thoughts on “Where I find my inspiration.”

  1. This is awesome – thanks for sharing! I’m probably recalling this incorrectly but I thought I saw you post something about having a PT background a few years ago?

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