Many of you have asked that I write about how ”I stay in shape”.

Whilst I don’t really like that expression (all shapes are different correct?), I have to admit that I have found a lifestyle that works really well for me.

With the right nutrition, fitness and mental and spiritual approach to life I find that I have achieved a body that serves me well. The benefits of looking after yourself are so rewarding – apart from the aesthetics of having a fit body – what I enjoy the most are my high energy levels and my now by default elevated mood.

Without sounding arrogant / condescending / generically douchebag I have to say that I love being in the shape of my life at the age of 34, reaping compliments for my complexion, challenging my body physically and leaving every challenge with an increased self esteem and a constant flow on endorphines.

Whilst being far from a trained expert after a few requests from both readers and friends I have decided to introduce a new category to the blog called Wellness. This is where I will be sharing my nutrition, exercise and lifestyle tips. Needless to say your feedback is crucial so feel free to comment below; questions are welcome too!

Rounding up this intro with a summary of my typical morning routine:

– 15 minutes meditation (to still my ever racing mind).

– a healthy breakfast (which this morning meant plain yoghurt blended with vanilla whey protein powder, 1 sliced banana, frozen blueberries, goji berries, brazil nuts and cinnamon).

– 20 minutes of sun exposure (Whilst prolonged sun exposure is a different topic for discussion, short daily bursts of sun exposure mean regulating your Vitamin D production, giving your skin a healthy glow and banishing what in Europe is called The Winter Blues). I  took a cup of tea and the latest ELLE UK magazine up to the pool on the rooftop of my building, tres simple!

Very excited about this, loads of love for now! xxx

P.S Remember to check out my collaboration with Boucheron (link HERE). Seriously inspired by the rest of the international bloggers and their beautiful photos!

4 thoughts on “Wellness”

  1. I’m very glad to see you will be adding this category to your blog. I look forward to see what you have in store for your readers. I’ve been following you for a while though I hardly ever comment.

  2. I agree with Suhey, very excited you added this category and look forward to future posts. I also love how you keep things simple and balanced.

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