Over the last few months I have consciously stopped using the term ”fitness” (at least in conversations with regards to myself) and replaced it with the term ”wellness” instead. Sure, the aesthetic effects of working out are great but I have stopped focusing on what my body looks like and instead measure my progress in what my body can do. I also don’t consider myself a fitness professional by any means and am not in position to give factual training tips. I have however found a way that works for me and affects all areas of my life positively.

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1. If you have been following me on Instagram for a while you will have noticed that I frequently keep going back to pole fitness. As much as my schedule (or lack thereof) does’t allow me to follow a group class system, PoleFit Dubai is on top of things to do on a day off.

Why PoleFit? The reasons are countless. Aside from it being an extremely efficient way of working out your entire body, it’s one of those great exercise forms where you don’t feel like you’re working out. Caught up and focused on the choreography, the inversions or just trying not to fall off and smash your tail bone into the ground, your mind is elsewhere for the duration of the class and you only realise your muscles are sore upon leaving. There is also a great sense of community amongst the girls and on the contrary of what many would think, there is no body shaming that would breed insecurities. This is hugely due to the two amazing souls (and enviable bodies) behind PoleFit Dubai, Vlada and Michelle.

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P.S There isn’t any falling off or smashing anything really, I was just trying to sound bad a**. 🙂

2. I recently got back into running after the motivation and support from the NIKE team who coached myself, Jessica and Karen (also known as @healthyxjessx and @secretsquirrelfood on Instagram) for the WeRunDXB 10 k marathon. Running is brilliant as it allows flexibility with timings, is inexpensive since all you need is a good pair of trainers and works on silencing a busy mind as much as burning a few hundred calories. I know there are way more efficient ways to burn fat such as high intensity intervals and weight lifting but few things make me feeling as fulfilled as a sunrise beachside run.


3. Last but not least I am a huge fan of yoga and stretching. I want to stay clear of the yoga term as I don’t follow any flows but I love setting partial targets such as achieving head stands for myself and throughout that working on increased strength and flexibility. Getting to know Jessica from (link HERE) has meant tremendous progress in my splits and backbends just from getting a few alignment tips and having had incorrect techniques adjusted.

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Three more tips spring to mind whilst writing this:

– make sure you surround yourself by likeminded people. Not only is the positive energy around physical activity contagious but you will automatically make healthier choices like choosing a morning stretch session over a cupcake binge;

– get yourself some nice work out apparel and that pronto. Sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed is the fact that I have new leggings to flaunt;


– working out only works out (pun intended) once you make friends with the fact that being active is genuinely good for you. Subsequently learning that choosing what’s good for you is the way forward (as trivial and obvious at it may sound). On a spiritual, holistic scheme of things I guess this would be referred to as self love; in other words wanting nothing but the best for yourself to the extent that making the right choices becomes an auto pilot setting.

In simple terms: we know that a KrispyKreme will make our skin break out, pile on empty calories and make us feel guilty afterwards. Surely when put that way it stops feeling like a ”reward”? Once your mentality shifts towards thinking that ”doing something nice” for yourself is filling your lungs with oxygen and your blood stream with endorphins, the day to day choices are a bit easier. It takes 21 days to create a new habit they say. 🙂 Happy training and self loving! / Teresa

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