This week I haven’t had the time to scout online for a trifecta of favourites so one craving du jour will have to do.

I worked with Tod’s a few weeks ago as I dressed a lot of the male models in the Galleria Mall show in their signature loafers.

Whilst browsing the store I couldn’t help but nip over the ladies section and wondered what it would be like to wear comfortable shoes for once. Ok I am actually stretching the truth here because as opposed to Anna Dello Russos motto – that fashion and comfort should not go hand in hand – I quite often opt for the latter. With my lifestyle anything else would be ergonomic suicide.

Anyhow – Tod’s need no forther info, their craftsmanship is bespoke and the quality of the shoes is renown worldwide. Whilst most of their designs are classic these pony hair slippers (link HERE) are very ”now”.

How to wear them? With faded rolled up boyfriend jeans and a crisp deconstructed white shirt. Red lips are optional.

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