Tis the season…

The other day I had the pleasure of spending the day and playing festive dress up at Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai.

Although being rather remotely located in comparison to other outlets in Dubai, Saks is always worth the extra journey and I go there on regular basis to check out their merchandise for when I style my shoots.

Apart from having a great selection of urban brands such as James Pearse, Paige Denim, Current Elliott etc they also carry a great selection of contemporary designers with rather affordable festive frocks such as this delish backless piece I am wearing in the photo above (together with Badgley Mishka accessories).

After having caught up on industry gossip with the lovely Saks PR girls we got made over with the latest holiday range of Givenchy make up and styled our preferred festive season outfit. Did I mention that there was cake? All and all a lovely day, thanks again Dana and Layla!

P.S Headed for a 5 day photo shoot in the Maldives (a global campaign for a hotel chain). I promise tons of photos! xxx Teresa

10 thoughts on “Tis the season…”

  1. Gasp! You look gorgeous in this dress! I must know who the designer is! Please tell me! I’ve been looking for a dress like this ever since I saw Sharon Stone wear a similar one in “Basic Instinct” (the club scene). Thank you!

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