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I am genuinely happy to be back to the world of blogging! As you can see my latest post was more than 6 months ago, crikey! Then there was radio silence (although I was pretty active on Instagram and Snapchat whilst that lasted. Nowadays I stick to InstaStories; hungry for views and impressions as many influencers are these days).

The reason behind my blog hiatus is partially that for the longest time I was feeling rather stagnant in the overall of my ”fashion career”. I have pretty much achieved all that I inspired to achieve as a stylist – and whilst reading this if you catch yourself thinking *whoa, she hasn’t really done THAT much – I ask you to remember that these things are relative! Anyhow – in true Teresa style I am side stepping here. So where were we? Right, stagnant!

At the same token as a personal shopper and a regular consumer with a regular working persons income (this surely resonates with my Middle East based readers as we are daily exposed to shoppers with unlimited couture funds); I was very aware of the prominent gap between high street and high fashion. The idea to set up an online store (similar in format to the ever – so – brilliant Australian ”They All Hate Us” blog /store) was with me for over a year. One business plan, numerous Skype interviews with Important Finance People and one enthusiastic and supportive investor later I had the funds to do this right – with packaging, delivery, site design etc that are all up to my standards from day one of launching. You only get one first impression right?

I consider myself a very lucky girl and I can’t stop smiling whilst typing these words.

Right – the idea is that once a month I will upload a selection of items that I have perused the cyberweb to find for you. The pieces I have bought in are true to my personal style (although I have gone braver with colours as I dress mostly in beige and I know that the rest of the world does not LOL). At the same token the price point was very important to me – I do not aspire to compete with high fashion retailers for many many reasons. If nothing else, as I always say in my seminars, I believe that we live in what the experts refer to as the ”lipstick economy”. Females will remain females and hence they will never stop ”treating themselves” (treat yo’self being one of my favorite expressions haha) but studies show that we are a lot more reluctant to spending big. Call it situational awareness if you so wish.

*If you by any chance caught my talk at last seasons Fashion Forward (sponsored by Baume Et Mercier) you will remember me talking about this, complete with PowerPoint slides and other grown up stuff.

The items in my store will come in different EDITS as I call them – meaning occasionally I will pick them for the festive season or based on the theme. The idea is also that everything kinda sorta goes together so you will be able to buy a whole top -to – toe outfit. Through my blog and social media I am happy to illustrate how I think the pieces can be worn, being a stylist and all. Naturally you are able to buy them individually if you think that my suggestions are rather meh or waayyyyy too far out there.

WORLDWIDE shipping, FREE NEXT DAY delivery in the UAE *terms and conditions apply though but yes, mostly – and last but not least my very own special MARBLE BOXES that all the goodness will come in; (ones that are so pretty that you will want to keep them and use them for your knicknacks and in your sharpest Instagram flat lays I’d like to think) – these are all the final & significant touches I have been adamant about incorporating into the overall user experience.

This is all very exciting Lovelies and I cannot wait to get started. As I am typing this we are 24 h from launching and I haven’t slept for 2 days! / Good night! / Teresa

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