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Are you keeping fit my lovelies? If you feel you need a fitness boost I have a great tip to share with you. Unfortunately this one only applies to iPhone owners as it’s an app.

The Nike Training Club app (link HERE) is like your own personal trainer on the go. Foolproof cardio and strength routines incl. video tutorials, perfect for the days when you feel stuck in a bicep curl / push ups rut. I did the ”Better Butt” and ”Sculpted Arms”segments this morning, outdoors with nothing but free weights and a yoga matt. Needless to say endorphins were rushing through my system afterwards.

The best home delivery sushi (sashimi for my grain free part) can be found at the Sushi Shop (link HERE).

The girls that manage the outlet were sweet enough to send me rice free dishes and I feasted on tartars, ceviches and sashimis. Packed with healthy fats, bursting with flavour and incredibly fresh pieces of tuna, salmon, mackerel and crustacean-what-have-ya were mine and Ivanas (@austyle on Instagram) dinner the other night. We both agreed the food gave high end outlets like ZUMA a run for their money and that the uber stylish black packaging was a bonus.

Thanks for your continuous support, comments and emails – as always much appreciated. X

3 thoughts on “Sharing the love”

  1. Thanks for sharing again!Pity …I have an android, but really attracted to these exercises,and sounds thats work!:)
    Oh… sushi..Love,love it … especially the makis and sashimis
    I really always love your recommendations, and..those jeans of the right!
    Thanks to you for sharing with us 😉

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