Saturday ramblings.

Are you all having a lovely Saturday? I certainly am!

My day started with a trip to the Dubai equivalent to the Farmer’s Market (Ripe in The Courtyard) where I stocked up on some healthy organic goodies such as locally grown kale, (kale being the ultimate leafy green du – jour) and some yummy dairy free coconut yoghurt.

I’ve been grain free for quite some time now and recently transitioned to 90 % dairy free (unintentionally really, my taste buds just changed). The only thing I catch myself missing is yoghurt so I’ll be going back for more of where that came from.

The Ripe market seems to be the new hangout for the cool kids and I ran into many familiar faces; a fellow stylist and one of my bookers amongst them.

Strung out from all the excitement I decided the best way to continue this craze of a day was to go home, listen to jazz and cook up a comfort food fiesta (healthy, natch). I’ve got some pak choi chicken soup and beetroot / goat cheese salad awaiting!

To sum up the last few days:

– The surf season is here and yesterday I caught a few little waves. Big thumbs up to that.

– The best Pimms in the city is served at the Siddartha lounge and yesterday I spent the evening there with Diya who happens to be one of my favourite people ever. Sun downers are the new nights out if you ask me!

– There is a new sequin skirt in my life and it goes brilliantly well with a pair of taupe boots and an oversized knit. Full outfit post to follow. / XXX Teresa

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