Repetto loves art

I am cheekingly blogging from a photo studio – today I am styling a campaign for a baby clothing store an all my models have just gone to sleep :) (That has never happened to me before, I must say.)

Because I will spend the entire weekend locked up on set and surrounded by babies I made sure to get my fix of grown up behaviour by schmoozing with the art and fashion crowds at the ”Repetto Loves Art” event.

It was held at the beautiful Meydan Beach in JBR.

Customized ballerinas were showcased…

Ballerinas were doing what ballerinas do best – prancing around on their tippy toes.

In order to match the theme of the event I decided that wearing a tutu was simply a must and that tulle and sequins were a marvelous combo.

And I died a little bit when I saw my friend Diya’s new Valentinos.

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