Post holiday reflections

A lot can change in a year *insert a silly whinky smiley emoticon*.

My Christmas day was spent with some wonderful people who started off as work colleagues but now have grown into good friends.

Neha (seen in the above photo) is a senior producer at Magnet / bareface and produced a shoot with the infamous Todd Selby ( that I worked on a few months ago.

I spent Christmas day in her beautiful home, surrounded by friends, kids, running pets and the best home cooked Christmas lunch I have ever eaten. Neha’s husband could easily give Monsieur Ramsey a run for his money and I won’t get over his roasties + gravy combo any time soon.

Having said that for those of you who know me by now you’ll know that starchy foods aren’t really a frequent part of my nutrition so after two days of indulging I was happy to start my morning with my usual healthy routine.

This morning my bowl of goodness included: Greek yoghurt mixed with chocolate protein powder and 1 avocado, topped with mango, goji berries, cocoa nibs and walnuts.

Oh, last but not least I spent my Boxing day in a rather alternative manner, with a 4 h tattoo session! Feeling tres Lana Del Ray with my new sultry side adornment now, I must say.

How did you spend your holidays? Curious to hear your stories. xxx Teresa

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