The NYLA Method

A few weeks ago I participated in the NYLAmethod’s BEAUT-camp. (You can read all about the NYLA method HERE.)


Here is what the founders say about the training method:

The NYLA METHOD is a 60 minute workout that targets women’s problem areas, tones every muscle group and boosts metabolism to enable sustainable weight loss. In addition to using the ballet barre, we use various props such as light weights, a stability ball, and resistance bands. The NYLA Method class works muscles to fatigue to develop strength, while the cardio blasts and opening stretches ensure a complete workout in just under an hour.

The METHOD is the result of a collaboration of experts from different movement disciplines, including dance, Yoga, Pilates, weight training and physiotherapy. Our unprecedented and innovative method guarantees that it never gets easier. We challenge clients past their comfort zone to ensure that they continue to get results from every session.”


Does the NYLA method really work? I believe that due to a combination of factors it truly and really does.

Having a fair amount of background in fitness training I was impressed by how well trained and motivational the instructors are. Flown in here from the US they are a bunch of feisty Cali girls with a true passion for NYLA. Their enviable physique and flexibility levels make them good spokes ladies for the brand.

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The training is developed solely for us ladies and focuses on the areas that the majority of us struggle with – in other words triceps, bums, bellies, thighs. You could say that the NYLA method prepares you for wearing the hottest mini body con you could think of and does so in very little time.

Does it hurt? YES IT DOES. The infamous ”burn” kicks in less than halfway though the class and the instructors show no mercy. This my lovely readers is a wonderful thing as challenge is the only thing that leads to change! When the autumn season kicks off I am signing up for one of the packages on offer, in combination with my head cleansing morning runs and poe dancing the NYLA method is how I aim to stay strong and flexible! / xxx

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