New Balance

Elin Kling needs no further info.

Hanna Stefansson may not be as known outside of Sweden perhaps but is yet another Swedish blogger whos site I visit occasionally for outfit and photography inspiration.

What do these two have in common? They both know how to incorporate a pair of New Balance sneakers into their daily outfits in that Scandinavian-nonchalant-casual chic way that I like oh-so-much.

I went online and discovered that you can customise your own pair. Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce to you the Style Drifter kicks:

Orange and heather grey: one of my favourite colour combos. The best part?

The Style Drifter embroidery at the back!

5 thoughts on “New Balance”

  1. !!! Teresa! I’ve been following you on IG for some time’re swedish?? I had no idea.. but this post makes me wonder ;);) xx från Sverige <3

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