Lights will guide you home…

When my post titles get more and more pretentious that’s when you know I am in a very reflective mode :). It must be the end of the year I presume, it forces us to think of what has been and what is yet to come.

Those are the days when I run with loud music in my ears, go out of my way to try and catch at least a few sunsets on the beach, fill my brain with quotes and song lyrics and all my visual space with inspirational posters. Tis the season to reflect…

Yesterday I decided that my mind needed distraction and made an impromptu decision to go to my favourite place in Dubai which is 360 in Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Imagine my excitement when I realized it was freezing cold: ergo an opportunity to wear layers.

The walkway to the club was ultra windy but I needed to stop a few times because the views were breathtaking. The full moon over the mosque was one of the prettiest things my camera has captured in quite some time.

Back to the outfit:

1. The sequin trousers (they are actual trousers, not leggings) are from Blanc NYC at I’m really happy with them but they run petite in size and so my usual size 24 is one size too small.

They rest very low on my hips and I would have preferred a size 25 in order not to always be petrified that I am showing off my underwear (tres tacky yo). May need to go to a tailor and have them altered as it’s too late for returns / exchanges.

2. The boots are ZARA. Initially I thought of wearing something more dainty like a strappy sandal but I wanted to dance so comfort came first!

3. The YSL sweatshirt needs no further intro.

4. The jacket is a leather piece from a Danish designer called Stella Nova.

I bought it in Sweden 4 years ago and I think I have worn it 3 times all together. It was very expensive and is of great quality so I don’t have the heart to get rid of it, yet there is something about it however that always ends up throwing me off. I think I want to venture down the DIY route and do something to sprouce it up.

5. A simple grey jersey scarf is my favourite accessory this time of the year!

With my lovely Grana. / xxx Teresa

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