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I am currently very happy with my hair care routine and since a few of you have emailed and asked about my favourite products I thought that a dedicated hair post would be in order.

I let my hair air dry most of the time. Since I do a lot of sports I need to wash my hair daily and it would quickly get damaged if I opted for daily blowdries.

Having said that, if you have a good hairdresser he / she will be able to cut it in a way that promotes a nice fall even if not styled with a heated appliance. Make sure to mention it when you go for your next trim 😉

1. Because my hair is very fine in quality I opt for products packed with proteins, such as the Redken Extreme series. Here is the trick you need to know with regards to products that my awesome hairdresser Vesna shared with me:

– products that in the long term are good for you (such as shampoos and conditioners that inject nutrients into the hair strands) rebuild your hair from inside out but will initially make your hair feel more coarse. The products that leave your hair silky smooth after just one application are crammed with sillicones and merely rest on top of the strands. This is why I never jumped on the Moroccan Oil bandwagon as I found that my hair was just as damaged and just gave the visual impression of being healthy.

Since I don’t colour my hair (and haven’t for over a year), I stay clear of brassy undertones by using a silver conditioner once a week or so. It’s a good idea to keep it in your hair for 20 minutes or longer whilst faffing around the house :-)

2. I have written about THIS product before and I stick to my guns, it’s the best conditioner I have ever tried (read all about it in the previous review). I use it every 3-4 hair washes so approximately once a week.

Now if I still find that my ombre ends need to look a bit less frayed I use a teeny drop of an Argan Oil from the same brand (any brand or oil will do really). Again, I have no illusions that oils like Argan or Elixir by Kerastase do anything for my hair apart from temporarily making it look a bit less frayed at the ends.

3. I asked my Twitter followers about haircare home remedies and I got some awesome replies. Most of you wrote about olive oil, coconut fat and mashed avocados. I went ahead and purchased some organic avocado oil and I am SOLD!

I have for a period of 3 weeks now massaged approximately two spoons of the oil into my lengths (not the scalp) before going to sleep (once a week that is). A double shampoo application is a must but as you can see in THIS post my lengths look really healthy, despite that I haven’t styled them.

I am now curious to experiment further with coconut oil. Since I already am a huge fan of it in my kitchen (as it’s the only fat I use when cooking) I have high hopes for what it will do to my mane! / Loads of love T.

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