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kerastaseI always say that as an adult, once you have a good dentist / tailor and hairdresser in your life you can take on pretty much anything. Up until meeting Vesna (who works at Pastels at the Ritz Carlton JBR), me and my fine Scandinavian hair were feeling very misunderstood by most UAE hairdressers. Blonde hair is a nightmare to maintain and Dubai’s harsh tap water situation contributes to an ongoing struggle with limp tresses, itchy scalp, thinning hair and generic ugliness.

Whilst I once ventured over to the dark side and really liked myself as a brunette, step one in regaining a somewhat acceptable hair quality was to make peace with my natural hair colour. Step two was making usage of dry shampoo a habit, in order to avoid daily wear and tear and step three was regularly consulting Vesna on a range of products that suit my hair type.

Just like your skin, your hair goes through stages and has different needs depending on it’s current state, time of the year and most importantly your lifestyle. Consistent usage of protein packed products have restored my hair quality to a somewhat decent one and now I was looking for something that would add my strands that extra oomph – enter the luxe Kerastase Elixir Ultime Collection. (Read all the technical facts about the products HERE).

I have purchased the mask and the creme and they have quickly become a fixed part of my hair care regimen. The creme in particular smells divine, (optically) repairs and seals dry sections and lives up to it’s promise of being weightless so my glamour curls stay nice and bouncy. The mask comes to it’s fullest potential when applied in a salon under a steamer, or the at-home version of a warm towel wrap. / XXX

Pastels Salon: phone nr. 04 388 3534/3397


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  1. Yes, this is a great product. Smells the best out the others. I use it on my just washed hair and after styling but the results won’t last all day. I use it on my hair to define my layers and ends but I guess this product it’s not designed for that purpose. So I can’t really moan.

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