Je voudrais…

No fashion blog is worthy of it’s name without a list of cravings so I thought I’d introduce it as a weekly feature.

This week I’m madly in lust with:

1. Moroccan kelim boots (I am almost considering a spontaneous weekend trip to Marrakesh just to lay my hands on a pair of these). Each pair is unique as they’re all made out of recycled old kelim rugs.

2. Orange Calèche bracelet from Hermès – a timeless piece that goes with pretty much everything!

3. Studded denim jacket from Ksubi – faded nad distressed for the perfect degree of rock chick. Available at (click HERE to get to the site).

2 thoughts on “Je voudrais…”

  1. Ahoi dear T…. if these kilim boots are still on your wish list… let me know
    1st still in love & in demand for them & 2nd whats your shoe size… probably i could help you to fulfill this dream without fasten your seatbelt to marocco. . . xoxo ni from enVie

    1. Ahoi – yes they are 🙂 How can you make it happen kind magician? I can’t find them anywhere here in the UAE.

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