Italian done the guilt free way.

A common question I get asked by people who have picked up on my wellness habits is about where to go out for a ”healthy meal”. My instant reply tends to be that healthy is a vast and non descriptive word I would rather stay clear of – amongst the latest clean eating fads I see girls embarking on eating raw (and consuming a kilos worth of cashew nuts in one slice of a raw cheesecake which whilst deprived of suspicious additives still is a calorie bomb). This topic is brilliantly explained by Diya, one of the Fitness Dorks (found at

Most fine dining venues cater to everyones needs as long as you’re educated on the right choices FOR YOU and your diet, disciplined about making them and not too bothered with at times being perceived as the fussy one. 🙂

Fitness fads aside, I genuinely and legitimately suffer from gluten allergies to the extent that they at times cause a nasty onset of asthma. Does it stop me from munching my way through the entire content of a La Serre bread basket at breakfast? I shall diplomatically answer that it does, most of the times.

The one type of cuisine I have struggled with has mostly been Italian food – a girl can only eat that much carpaccio. I was therefore rather chuffed to hear that Roberto’s – the trendy DIFC based watering hole with killer terrace views was offering gluten free options to ALL the dishes on their menu.


The gluten free bread tasted like real bread and not the crumbly weird chalky stuff you get served elsewhere. The carpaccio and Insalata Di Mare made for great lean starters especially when rinsed down with some fine Chianti.

I had a glutenfree Carbonara that with its salty creaminess and al dente wonderland left me wondering why it’s been 8 months or more since the last time I had pasta. The Italians sure are onto something!

I did totally stray and sampled one of each on the desert menu, luckily The Boy ate the remaining 90 percent of it. If you were to continue down the lean path however gluten free options of cake were available. If all else fails sorbets and fruit platters tend to be my choice to round up a healthy meal. / Teresa

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