It worked wonders for my hair.

It’s been slightly over a year since I started the slow and painful process of going back from a (fake) brunette to a natural sunbleached (mousy) blonde – operative word here being painful.

Despite going easy on the blow dries & styling appliances, slathering my hair with organic, artificial and everything in-between products as soon as on my lonesome and following every rule in the proverbial book, I am still struggling with split ends, visible dryness and breakage of hair (and heart) upon every brush stroke.

My hairdresser recommended that I try BioLustre – a ”revolutionary” treatment thatย enters the hair shaft and binds to the hair with a synthetic, restructuring polymer that is chemically simular to hair.

Once the hair is thoroughly washed, cleaned from product build up and covered with the repairing treatment, external heat is applied. Shortly after that you are sporting a firm and crisp ”hair helmet” as the product hardens. Once thoroughly rinsed out and dried, the hair reappears thicker, stronger and noticeably less frizzy. It’s the best thing I have done to my hair and I plan on repeating it in the next 3 months. Note that this isn’t a ”conditioning” treatment but one that rebuilds your strands from the inside as opposed to visually smoothing out the cuticles.

Where? At the Marquee Salon in Arabian Ranches, phone number: 04 – 420 7700.ย Untitled-1

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