How to choose an evening dress.


Just when I delivered a speech about how excited I was to start blogging again, the biggest assignment since I begun freelancing landed on my lap and for 17 days I was entirely preoccupied with work and too exhausted when done to create anything even remotely worthy of sharing.

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I was therefore rather thrilled to at the end of the work monstrosity receive a staycation invite from one of my very favourite Dubai hotels which is the Park Hyatt (more about that in the next post). As I had been there numerous times with high fashion brands to shoot editorial content I saw an opportunity to shoot the content for this post, namely a little feature on evening gowns and my thought process on choosing one.

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Firstly – evening dresses are statement pieces that aren’t very versatile or allow getting reinvented. They also tend to be costly which is why facilities like Designer24 (link HERE) have been a popular business model lately. The piece I am wearing in this spread comes from Lebanese designer Rani Zakhem and goes amongst the lines of my preferred style that my friends cutely refer to as the Space Mermaid Vibe. It may be down to the 10 years I have spent in the Middle East but I have a rather un-Scandinavian fondness of things that sparkle. 🙂

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My rules to live by when finding a dress for a special occasion:

– Since I tend to be very casual in my day to day life I don’t mind going XXL on the BOOM BOOM POW POW on the occasions when I do dress up. It makes the experience feel more special and as long as teamed with tasteful make up and clean bouncy hair there is no risk of hitting NastyVille. As always when it comes to styling I am an avid fan of balance and equilibrium.

– Regardless of your figure, smartly placed cross belly drapings are to prefer. Even if you’re a proud owner of a toned tummy you will at some stage during the night eat, drink, laugh and relax amongst your friends. If your outfit is too restricting it will get in the way of you enjoying yourself, as you’ll be too self conscious about the possibility of getting caught on camera sporting a glutenous food baby.

– Work around your assets; in other words opt for shorter hemlines if you are a leggy girl, look for intricate shoulder cut out details if you are a swimmer or have enviable shoulders like one etc. (THIS Alex Perry piece is a great mini, whilst THIS bodice cut showcases a toned shoulder section well);

– Unless you are a red carpet celebrity making an appearance think of reasonably lengthy hemlines. Most nights out involve dancing, or at least gracefully walking across the venue during the mandatory cheek air kiss run and way too many couture gowns go to couture heaven due to stiletto pierced skirt lengths;

– Make sure to incorporate in your event budget that depending on the cut and transparency of the dress you may need to invest in new set of lingerie to wear with it. Visible lines of either panties or boob holders are a massive faux pas, and don’t get me started on the 1992 style clear acrylic bra straps; we can still see them. They are not good.


David Goff from Analog Productions took the images and Jehnna Mahoney styled my hair. X

P.S I have notified the compression leggings giveaway winner in the comments field but let’s have the breakfast one run for one more week? X

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