Hello again!

Hello old friends!

It feels so good to type these words – I have been longing to bring life to this page for quite some time now.

A lot has happened since we last interacted on here – I got caught up into trying to spread my wings into different fashion ventures; some more fruitful than others. I also fell for the ‘why put an effort into a blog when people don’t read them’ and ‘instagram is enough’ train of thought. Fast forward a year or so and having a blog you can call your own has never felt more relevant or necessary.

I aim to keep this up for many reasons – my readers are a bunch of awesome, level headed, opinionated sassy ladies and they demand more substance than a FaceTuned selfie with a generic caption – albeit I am guilty of the ‘Tune just like eveeryone else.

It’s so easy nowadays to get caught up in thinking of followers as tens of thousands of faceless digits, no number being high enough because well, human nature. I always say however that if you were to walk around a football field and make eye contact with every single person that follows your journey it would genuinely be a humbling experience. It’s 2018 and we are all equally busy. If the little time that people have goes towards reading my ramblings, then I need to really apply myself to make it worth their while.

I’m also lucky enough to get to work with some premium hospitality brands and in order to do right by them a larger forum is required. One thing I always get requests for from my Swedish audience is an eclectic guide to Dubai; i.e how not to fall victim for the tourist traps. I honestly can’t think of anything more fun to work on! I may or may not think of myself as somewhat of a hobby restauranteur; combining my penchant for cooking, eating (EATING should have come first in that sentence to be honest with you) and gallivanting all over this globe in search for premium experiences.

Naturally – and that comes without saying – there will be fashion on here but my aim is to make it “wait a minute I can do that / get that’; with an element of ‘if I put some effort in I can do that / get that” but never the ”UGH I will never have that / look like that” feel.

I am also really toying with the idea of a book club – something that was well received when I introduced the idea on my instagram stories. I am yet to figure out a suitable format but all things aside I am just really happy to have this outlet that does not obey by algorithms, that attracts the mindful, the curious, the tasteful and the ones who don’t mind a lengthy caption or five.

If anything springs to mind drop me a comment or simply say hello X

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