Guiltless pancakes.

It’s good to be back! Whilst I had the best time working abroad I really enjoyed waking up in my own bed this morning and quite looked forward to making my own breakfast.

Every once in a while I crave pancakes and whilst there are good flour alternatives if you want to remain grain free, I have mastered a really easy one that doesn’t require any fancy ingredients.

Everyone I have shared this recipe with is hooked – the pancakes take 3 minutes to make and taste all kinds of yum. Simply blend 2 organic eggs with 1 banana and 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder in a blender – see I told you it was easy!

This morning I topped mine with a scoop of organic yoghurt and some toasted cocoa nibs but the variations are endless. Bon apetit! / xxx

P.S I have 4 suitcases of clothing to go through from the shoot – it all needs to be dry cleaned, returned and accounted for; that pretty much sums up what I will be doing today. The only plan I have made for today is to catch a boxing class at the K.O Gym in the Marina.

2 thoughts on “Guiltless pancakes.”

  1. I tried your recipe and cannot get over how delicious and filling they are. I have been craving them everyday since. Thank you! Oh, and if you have other “guiltless” recipes please share :)

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