Greetings from the Maldives!

Sunny greetings from the Maldives!

Whilst the photo looks rather blissful (taken during my 15 minute lunch break), I have been working a lot since I got here.

We are shooting an advertisement campaign for a luxury resort. The remote island hosts one designer villa that costs something in the lines of 30 000 US dollars a night.(!!!) With regards to styling I was requested to deliver ”understated luxury and sophistication”.

The international team consists of a South African photographer, gorgeous models from Select and MOT agencies in London and a lovely mix of advertisement people responsible for branding of the private resort that will be targeting royalties and selected celebrities only. Needless to say I am beyond excited to include the images in my portfolio!

P.S my daily working uniform is a DVF bikini – gotta love that.

P.S.S I get to eat some amazingly healthy food such as fresh tuna steaks and exotic fruit grown on the island. I hope that before I leave I will get to go for a snorkle and perhaps visit the orchid nursery. I have tons of photos to share with you but right now I need to catch some well deserved zzzzzzzz after a 16 h long working day.

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