Giveaway – The HotBoxKit.


To celebrate the relaunch of the site (and perhaps feeling a tad inspired by the upcoming Valentines day) I have teamed up with some of my favourite brands and outlets for weekly giveaways throughout the month of February.

First out are these super cute compression leggings with a quirky heart shaped patch on the bum. Compression leggings work towards increasing circulation as well as  reduce post work out recovery time and swelling. This pair comes from the ubercool LA Based label Nina B. Roze (link HERE); courtesy of Hannah from The HotBoxKit (link HERE).

All you need to do is to write a little ”hi’ or any other friendly greeting of your choice in the comment field below (not forgetting to add your name and email address) to enter the draw. The contest is valid for a week until next Friday when the second contest is up.

I know that the purpose of blog giveaways tends to be to generate new followers as well boost the numbers of social media figures. Whilst I am not going to make it one of the contest rules it would be great if you liked @thehotboxkit on instagram and maybe shared StyleDrifter on a social media platform of your choice. XXX

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45 thoughts on “Giveaway – The HotBoxKit.”

  1. Hi Teresa, the new site is looking really good! Also really like your hair that colour, are you still doing the Brazilian keratin treatment you mentioned a while back? I’m trying to grow mine and would love any tips. xx

    1. OMG I am not at all happy with my hair at the moment so thank you Lindsay! I need to give it a bit of TLC so thanks for reminding me of that product. I may also look into hair extensions but a hair post is definitely on the cards. XXX

  2. So glad you are back, I look forward to the new direction of the blog, no doubt this will include some swoon worthy items too along the way!

    * Wake Up * Kick Ass * Be Kind * Repeat *

  3. I would like to enter. I think your Blog looks awesome. You are a big inspiration to me, both in fitness and style! XX

  4. Good job on the new blog design!

    I need compression leggings in my life – I get terrible water retention in my lower legs. They look great 🙂

  5. Your new site is world class, I thought it was good before but you have elevated it and raised the bar significantly. Well done, good luck, keep on trucking! CT x

  6. Hey!
    Would also like a run down of your current exercise routine?
    Love the morning yoga you post with Jess sometimes on Instagram, I have now joined a class and practicing at home following you tube tutorials – not quite the same in freezing midwinter in the UK as your lovely Burj side beach!


  7. Hi Teresa
    You’re the 1st ever blogger I followed which was in 2010 or 2011.Till date you remain my favorite.This is not only because I love your personal style which is efforlessly chic. Unlike most bloggers,You only recommend products that you actually try and use which is higly commendable. Last time I was in Dubai I actually purchased all the hair care regime you had once blogged about and have repurchased the same repeatedly.And you are right about the whole blogging career not being very long lasting.For me personally I don’t read content of any other blogger except yours,as I feel its all as I feel its all pretty pictures and no real content.Plus its doesnt’t have any credibilty because it seems so abvious they are only posting coz they are being paid for it.And I love that you post about,food,fitness,lifestyle and everything else. I just wanted to take this opportunity (not coz I want the pants,I dont even live in Dubai). But I’m so happy to see you back after a long haitus.As I check your website with due diligence every morning,and have actually missed it! All the best! Xx

  8. Hi Teresa,
    I’ve been eye balling Hannah and her amazing hotbox outfits for a while now, and first when I started bikram at club stretch.
    Practising in a comfy and good looking outfit makes it so much better!
    xx Marina

  9. Hi Teresa!
    You are the best! Such a strong independent woman that has created a successful career out of what you love. You make being super cool look easy hahaha! Anyways I love your blog and it has really helped me look forward to my move to Dubai in March. Hopefully I will see you around and can tell you in person how great you are!
    Much Love,

  10. hey theresa, Your new site is looking ultra gorg! congrats! seriously wanting to try out those compression leggings…and the heart bit around the bum..i am so in love…:P I’ve been wondering about compression leggings lately as theyve been popping up everywhere…would love these to be my first pair!

  11. I only recently started following you up on instagram but I’ve probably gone over your entire image library in one sitting! 🙂 Love your pics and also, the very humble way you write. 🙂 🙂

    It’s people like you who make us *lesser mortals* re-work our own blogs! Thanks x

  12. The site looks great! I’ve been following you for a while now on Instagram and I really like your profile there too 🙂
    xo from Finland

  13. Hi Teresa, your new site is amazing. Can’t stop reading all your articles.
    Looking forward for more blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

    Love Lots,

  14. New website looks lovely! & so does this giveaway!! I so need this since I’m joining Ignite Fitness bootcamp from next month onwards! 🙂

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