Recently I was approached by a UK based fashion retailer called Gorgeous Couture. (Link HERE). I had a browse through their site and liked the simple yet elegant pieces that they have – perfect for me who is a Scandinavian minimalist that often has to get my couture on! I opted for this gorgeous off shoulder trouser suit (link HERE) and wore it with simple ZARA pumps.

Whilst communicating with one of the girls from GC she wrote: ”I can”t wait to see how you will style the jumpsuit”.

I remember feeling a little bit of pressure when wearing the jumpsuit for the first time, thinking that I should wear it in some extraordinaire way with a quirky piece of jewellery or something else statement esque but what ever I tried on it just looked ”too much”.

Then I went back to my main rule of styling: which is that style is knowing when to accessorise but also knowing when to keep it simple. This jump suit doesn’t need anything apart from fabulous hair and perhaps a slick of red lipstick.

I am wearing size XS.

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