Denim on denim

Yesterday I visited the Expose Communication offices for a quick press preview of what their clients have in store for the upcoming season.

The Expose girls are my favourite in the manic jungle that is fashion PR, mainly because they make sure to establish a personalized connection to every single member of the media that they work with. In other words they are unlikely to ever write a ”Dear Blogger” mass email – that let me tell you right now – ends up in most journos virtual trash can without even being opened.

Enough industry talk – here is a little outfit post taken by the lovely Britt and Samah.

Double denim is always a winner in my books.

Whilst effectful and fresh, the double denim look can easily look one tad too relaxed so I always make sure to wear high heels with that; especially that this time around I opted for slouchy boyfriend jeans. (From PRPS Heirloom).

The shirt is from ZARA and the studded sandals are from Ted Baker.

The highlight of the outfit is my new belt however – a shiny golden metallic ebay find. (Rose gold watch from Marc Jacobs).

Last but not least – my everyday face.

I have recently lost my Mason Pearson (and now I am sad). All that I am left with is a Tangle Teaser and whilst it does it’s job (in the tangle teasin’ aspect); it leaves my head looking like a lion mane.

Do you happen to know a good online outlet that sells the Mason Pearson brushes? xxx Teresa

5 thoughts on “Denim on denim”

  1. Lovely outfit Teresa! I always like that denim shirt on you. Your hair also looks good to me, but as far as I know, HQHair and Escentual sell Mason Pearson brushes. x

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