Chanel cruise Dubai – the anticipation.

As a woman, a fashion stylist and a devoted long time fan of all the aesthetics behind the heritage house of CHANEL I was thrilled to hear that this seasons cruise collection will be held in the city I call my home.

The invite has now landed on my doorstep and I would be lying if I said I have been thinking about anything else for the last few days. Biggest question here naturally is the deadly serious matter of ”what to wear” but more about that later.

Whilst counting down to the big day I  have been given the opportunity to work with the brand on a series of outfit posts accessorised with the vibrant and playful CHANEL SS14 collection. I learned to love the pieces whilst styling editorial shoots for the brand all throughout winter so imagine my joy when offered to incorporate them into my very own style posts.

Stay tuned as over the next few days the blog will be brimming with sun, sand and all things CHANEL.


First out is my beloved Sunset Beach with (as the name would imply) the cities most epic sunsets.

Located neighbouring the majestic Burj Al Arab sunset beach is also where Dubai’s surf house is located. (@surfhousedubai). There is a great sense of community amongst it’s members and winter time whilst in season this is the prime spot for surfing.


The back up activity for a mermaid deprived of waves is stand up paddling.


The beautiful fuchsia pink Boy Bag from the SS14 collection.


Images by Zohaib Zuez.

Sharing the love

Are you keeping fit my lovelies? If you feel you need a fitness boost I have a great tip to share with you. Unfortunately this one only applies to iPhone owners as it’s an app.

The Nike Training Club app (link HERE) is like your own personal trainer on the go. Foolproof cardio and strength routines incl. video tutorials, perfect for the days when you feel stuck in a bicep curl / push ups rut. I did the ”Better Butt” and ”Sculpted Arms”segments this morning, outdoors with nothing but free weights and a yoga matt. Needless to say endorphins were rushing through my system afterwards.

The best home delivery sushi (sashimi for my grain free part) can be found at the Sushi Shop (link HERE).

The girls that manage the outlet were sweet enough to send me rice free dishes and I feasted on tartars, ceviches and sashimis. Packed with healthy fats, bursting with flavour and incredibly fresh pieces of tuna, salmon, mackerel and crustacean-what-have-ya were mine and Ivanas (@austyle on Instagram) dinner the other night. We both agreed the food gave high end outlets like ZUMA a run for their money and that the uber stylish black packaging was a bonus.

Thanks for your continuous support, comments and emails – as always much appreciated. X

Essentially UAE

Couple of weeks ago shortly before Ramadan I was offered to try out a detox package from Essentially UAE (link HERE).

I had never tried a full on detox before but reading health and fitness articles on a daily basis I was well educated on what to expect. I consider myself on the health conscious side of things but I really felt my digestive system needed a bit of TLC.

Being a hardcore green juice lover I opted for the 3rd degree of detox which is the Transformation Pro Cleanse.

This is what Essentially say about the Pro Cleanse:

”Our most intense level of Essentially Cleanses!

Transformation is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll, restore your alkaline balance, and seriously rest your insides. If you eat mostly a vegetarian diet, are a regular exerciser and have tried a few cleansing programs before, this one is for you.

Heavily vegetable based for maximum results, Transformation takes you deeper; it digs down to a cellular level, and leaves you feeling brand new.”

The evening before the cleanse the juices for all 3 days of the detox arrived at my door step. I realized that I would be carrying them around with me on shoots etc but luckily I have a portable cooler bag (a must for clean eaters). If you don’t own one and are planning an Essentially detox however you may have to invest in one.

Ideally I would have wanted to have a few quiet days off for me to fully enjoy the cleanse; days filled with rest and mild exercise such as long walks on the beach. That never really happens for me however so instead of wearing white flowy jammies and practicing hand stands on the beach I had to throw on something shiny and work on a 3 day campaign shoot.

The hard part when fasting is navigating through social situations I find – and so was the case with my cleanse. Had I been home alone with no temptation in sight I would have been fine with nothing but juice but now surrounded by naughty on set catering I found myself manically craving things I don’t even like such as greasy pastas and supermarket croissants. I did power through the 3 days however with mild deviations from the liquid only diet; I drank a bowl of miso and had a few avocado slices as an addition to my dinner. (All of the below permitted as per the guidelines sent out by the lovely Essentially team).

Now to my verdict: what do I REALLY think about the detox?

The pros and cons of detox are widely written about and the benefits versus risks involved are often debated amongst health professionals. By no means do I consider myself one so my opinion is my own and may not apply to any of you out there. Did I notice miraculous results? Not really – that may however be because I live a rather clean lifestyle as is (no caffein, alcohol, nicotine and limited refined sugar etc etc) so perhaps there was not a lot for me to detox from as such?

I did however THOROUGHLY enjoy the taste of the juices (the cashew nut milk may have been one of the tastiest things I have ever tried and I tried to recreate the recipe at home, with various results). The green juice despite it lack of sweetners was really enjoyable and the cayenne pepper detox liquid was tangy and sweet at the same time in a way that was all kinds of pleasant.

I genuinely recommend that you try the detox package if you feel that your healthy living needs a jump start. Perhaps your taste buds are used to one too many cupcakes and you can’t get of caffeine? If you feel like you need to reset your system this is the plan for you. I myself will opt for their supplement packages which basically means the above liquids in addition to my daily regime. I also secretly hope that the individual beverages will soon be sold in supermarkets etc – I get very annoyed when the juice stalls in the malls in Dubai try to sell ice cream based fruit cocktails and market them as ”healthy”.

Looking at the lovely founders of Essentially I can’t help but think that they are the best ambassadeurs for the brand; healthy looking, glowing and clearly passionate about what they do. THAT in combination with more green juice is the recipe for a good life me thinks. 😉

Happy juicing!



Where I find my inspiration.

Many of you email and ask for meal recipes / healthy meal plans and exercise tips.

Whilst I have a huge interest in all of the above I am not a trained PT or a nutritionist and I don’t feel comfortable giving that kind of advice. Instead I’d like to share with you the sites and blogs that I go to for tips and inspiration:

– The Tone It Up girls (link HERE) are two whimsical hotties that make training easy. They post weekly youtube videos with fun exercise routines, they share some awesome recipes and are active on social media with daily boosts of motivation. This is a great site if you find gymming intimidating and want to learn some basics of training with dumbbells or your own body weight.

– Swedish hottie Hannah that writes Fashionable Fit (link HERE). She has a body to die for, posts on a regular basis and writes about both meals and exercise routines. As she is a trained PT I trust her advice and log onto her blog daily. She has a spiritual side to her writing too and promotes the importance of thinking happy thoughts 🙂

– The Model Foodie by the lovely Bailee that I shot an advertisement campaign with in the Maldives last year. (link HERE). Bailee is as lovely as she is beautiful and writes a straight forward food blog where she translates all popular recipes into leaner ones. A must read if you are a foodie!

– Elanas pantry is a a brilliant blog if you are trying to stay grain free. This is a must for all Paleo-nistas. Elana bakes pretty much anything and everything from alternative flours and her chocolate zucchini bread (yes you read it correctly) is to die for. (link HERE).

Win a pole dancing class at Capella Club.

If you follow me on Instagram (@Style Drifter) you will have noticed that pole dancing (pole fitness) is one of my favourite ways of staying in shape.

There are a lot of misconceptions about pole fitness which are really unfair on the sport; to begin with pole fitness has nothing to do with stripping (and whoever chooses to still think that must step out of the 1980’s pronto!).

”Pole dancing is a form of entertainment, with the goal to amuse others. Pole fitness® which is practiced in gyms and dance schools, is a complete workout developed to improve your figure, endurance and muscle power. Moreover, Pole fitness® is a fun way to develop fitness abilities. During a Pole fitness® workout many muscle groups are trained, on both muscle power and muscle endurance.  The result is a high impact workout where ones strength and general endurance are trained intensively and effectively. During the execution of the pole techniques one trains a large number of muscles effectively, for example biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, back, and many more muscles. Not only strength is trained, but also muscle endurance and coordination.”

This week I have teamed up with Capella Club to give you a chance to join me for a class; I have 4 guest passes to give away so 4 of you will be able to come and see if pole fitness is anything for you. All you need to do is ”like” the Capella Club FB page and comment in the field below with your name and email address! / XXX