IKEA + Teresa Karpinska = <3

When it comes to interiors, my taste in home accents is very similar to my taste in clothes – I am very fond of neutrals and items that in its simplicity create a striking effect when skillfully combined. 

My guest bedroom needed a bit of a boost; or was a part of the home that had been a little neglected in the most recent move so I was really happy when this creative opportunity came along. Not to mention that each trip to IKEA means a happy meal and by that I naturally mean the Swedish meatballs. 

I spend an overall of 1000 aed on items that I have specified below. The most important part was to bring in the fluffy rugs to for my guests to step on in the morning and the earthy toned beige linen sheets. I made sure to get a few decoration pillows (for the bed to look fuller and “creatively messy”) and copper accents to break off all the earthiness. 

Candles are the safest way to make a room lived in and inviting I find so they were represented in a few sizes all over the room. They are also one of those typical IKEA items that noone ever leaves the store without. 

A very important feature for a bedroom is the phenomenon in memes referred to as “the chair;  meaning the one piece of furniture where clothing lands on its journey between the laundry basket and the closet / suitcase. The Jassa collection is my current favourite at IKEA – both because of its look and it’s eco ethos so I was happy to find one in the thrifty ”as is” section.

Lastly I made sure to pick up a few storage boxes because as a rather organised person I appreciate when storage is provided every time I’m being hosted somewhere – the “living out of a suitcase” lifestyle is thrilling for a day or two but then mostly tiring. Freeing up closet space for guests is a really nice way of showing hospitality I find.

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of the 1000 aed voucher and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with your living spaces.

Xxx Teresa 

Jassa chair, Vigdis cushion cover, Kvistbro storage table, Glattis tray, Parlband candle holder, mini cacti. (Sweater and pillow inside the storage table are my own).

Bedframe and blankets my own, everything else IKEA as following:

Puderviva bedsheets, Klipsk bed tray, Uphetta coffee / tea maker, Flimra glass, IKEA 365+ carafe.

Hampen rugs, Jara lampshade, Rodd table lamp base.

Pierre Marcolini.

Ramadan (and Eid) are my favourite times of the year despite the fact I am not of Muslim faith. I guess in western culture the Eid festivities that follow the holy month can only be compared to our Christmas. The streets and homes get adorned with lights, the palm trees are heavy with dates ready for harvest and the spirituality surrounding this season is truly special. This period focuses on an inward journey and whether you are a practising Muslim or not you respectfully observe it from a distance, the different energy is truly tangible. This is the time where friends and families gather, and since I have lived in the Middle East for 13 years I feel lucky to say that I am surrounded by many loved ones residing in the city of Dubai. Now whilst Ramadan is about modesty and the act of giving; Eid is a period of indulgence. This is where home cooking reach culinary heights and restaurants put on the most lavish buffets – lavish being the word often used when describing Dubai all year round! Whilst the formal outings are lovely there is something truly special about being invited into an Emirati home and experiencing the infamous Arab hospitality.

Showing up empty handed would be considered rude and chocolates are always well received by all nations and all ages. To make a good impression I looked for something truly premium. This is where Pierre Marcolini comes in with his Summer of Dreams collections. The round Salted Caramel Truffles (and OMG how delicately melt on the tongue they taste!) were specially developed for the Middle Eastern market. The colourful Songes on the other hand strike a healthy note with their quinoa, spelt, sesame and spelt – rest assured though as they still taste like a delicate fruity ganache. Now whilst on the topic of giving; don’t forget yourself in the equation. ❤

You can shop Pierre Marcolini here and in London, you can find Pierre Marcolini in Selfridges, Harrods and Marylebone High Street.​ / Teresa 

This weeks wish list.

T by Alexander Wang is one of my favourite diffusion brands and I find that you get good quality items within it’s price range.

As I refuse to wear pleather (Dubai temperatures just don’t allow the extensive bikram sensation that wearing fake leather means) I have been on the lookout for a nice pencil skirt for quite some time. This cleverly panelled piece (link HERE) would look great with blue chambray shirts, tucked in printed tees and oversized boyfriend knits teamed with a killer stiletto.

I have been rather spoiled with press kits this month and have attended a few perfume launches so I don’t NEED a new scent as such. Having said that I am a huge fan of the Swedish brand Byredo (in the UAE it’s got it’s flagship store in Al Ain surprisingly enough) and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that there is a saffron scented concoction amongst their new releases. (Link HERE). I love Middle Eastern scents and saffron is the gold of the Orient.

This alligator print satin sweatshirt (link HERE) would look all kinds of amazing with the above mentioned leather skirt. Add a slick of red lipstick and you would be as stylish as you’d be comfortable (and that pretty much is my fashion mantra).

P.S I keep updating my fashion picks on the right hand side of the site on a weekly basis, make sure to have a look. xxx

Win a personal shopping session!

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that interiors are close to my heart which is why I was thrilled when the IDdesign stores offered for me to host a series of events for my readers there.

On the 18th of May I will be hosting an afternoon tea at the Mirdiff City Centre store. If you want to discuss trends (both fashion and interior ones) I will be available to have a cuppa with you lovely selves from 16.00 and onwards (together with an interior designer at your service to answer your space remake queries).

What else is on the cards? An awesome goodie bag, an opportunity to win designer furniture AND a two hour personal shopping session (worth 1300 dhs) with Yours Truly.

Sounds exciting? RSVP at the IDdesignUAE FB page or in the comments below. XXX Teresa