Hello again!

Hello old friends!

It feels so good to type these words – I have been longing to bring life to this page for quite some time now.

A lot has happened since we last interacted on here – I got caught up into trying to spread my wings into different fashion ventures; some more fruitful than others. I also fell for the ‘why put an effort into a blog when people don’t read them’ and ‘instagram is enough’ train of thought. Fast forward a year or so and having a blog you can call your own has never felt more relevant or necessary.

I aim to keep this up for many reasons – my readers are a bunch of awesome, level headed, opinionated sassy ladies and they demand more substance than a FaceTuned selfie with a generic caption – albeit I am guilty of the ‘Tune just like eveeryone else.

It’s so easy nowadays to get caught up in thinking of followers as tens of thousands of faceless digits, no number being high enough because well, human nature. I always say however that if you were to walk around a football field and make eye contact with every single person that follows your journey it would genuinely be a humbling experience. It’s 2018 and we are all equally busy. If the little time that people have goes towards reading my ramblings, then I need to really apply myself to make it worth their while.

I’m also lucky enough to get to work with some premium hospitality brands and in order to do right by them a larger forum is required. One thing I always get requests for from my Swedish audience is an eclectic guide to Dubai; i.e how not to fall victim for the tourist traps. I honestly can’t think of anything more fun to work on! I may or may not think of myself as somewhat of a hobby restauranteur; combining my penchant for cooking, eating (EATING should have come first in that sentence to be honest with you) and gallivanting all over this globe in search for premium experiences.

Naturally – and that comes without saying – there will be fashion on here but my aim is to make it “wait a minute I can do that / get that’; with an element of ‘if I put some effort in I can do that / get that” but never the ”UGH I will never have that / look like that” feel.

I am also really toying with the idea of a book club – something that was well received when I introduced the idea on my instagram stories. I am yet to figure out a suitable format but all things aside I am just really happy to have this outlet that does not obey by algorithms, that attracts the mindful, the curious, the tasteful and the ones who don’t mind a lengthy caption or five.

If anything springs to mind drop me a comment or simply say hello X


With regards to anything health and wellness related I have (as many others I am sure), with time, become hugely skeptical of relying on social media recommendations. These days so much of the content has been paid for – in other words probably not even experienced by the so called influencers who merely rely on the content of a press release. At the same token endless amounts of conflicting information is being passed around by self proclaimed experts with no factual expertise on the topic. Everyone is gluten intolerant and everyones cousin is a certified yoga teacher innit.

And yet here I am about to release a blog post on the very topic of bottled green goodness. Whilst not a certified nutritionist I am a woman in my late 30s (as in: soon there are no 30’s left to it) but I look a decade younger (or so I am repeatedly told)! I am generally always in a jolly good mood, I sleep well, I have the energy to work 12-14 h days and since you ask, there is nothing wrong with my libido. Ok I made myself lol here but these normally are signs of overall health and so my day to day choices must be somewhat right. I am also very adamant about which brands I choose to work with and my consistent rule is that if I wouldn’t pay my hard earned pennies for the product I will also not accept it for free. (Juice cleanses – I will btw have you know – are very 2012. Bone broth is the new miracle potion and Dubai has gotten onboard with both Hapi and the Clean Living Company catering to the collagen thirsty consumers who don’t have a spare 12 h to roast a pile of bones.)

So –  whilst not a certified nutritionist or a smug insta yogini –  here are my two fills on green juices and why Essentially has been my go to brand since they launched 4 years ago.

I met Wiebke (the founder) on the first month of Essentially’s launch and I find her to be is a great spokesperson for her product. As harsh as it may sound I very much judge the book by the cover. It is a very short sighted approach and feel free to call me up on it but in the past I have met health food promoters who with their demeanor didn’t ooze of health and balance. Why I feel ok with typing these words is that as a stylist I too am a victim of snap judgement. I would probably starve to death if I tried to score new clients whilst looking like Waka Flocka.

I have also tried Essentially’s main competitors (and whilst mentioning names is not required I am sure you know which brands are equally active on the liquid goodness scene). I perceived one of them as heavily overpriced and too ”try-hard” with flavours and the other one as very weak ingredient wise. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that you won’t get much from juicing an iceberg lettuce.

Whilst I won’t be doing regular juice cleanses I KNOW that my current diet is poor on veggies and so a bottle of green juice (packing an impressive 1,5 kg of product in one bottle) feels like a very welcome addition to my current “always-on-the-go-eating-in-my-car”  day to day situation. The nut mylks taste like healthy milkshakes and the power balls are a nice and clean snack with my afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee.

Essentially (and Wiebke) these days send me 2 days worth of juices a week in return for the social media love but like I said above – for the longest time I trekked to whichever RIPE market they were selling at in order to get my full priced fix. I will probably continue to do so if they were to stop. Now take what you wish from these ramblings and most importantly remember not to buy into blind social media endorsements without a little bit of research. / Teresa

About me part II.

13 more ”about me” facts, et voila!

– 9 months later I am still recovering from a badly broken heart. I am full of hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel though 😉

– ever since my detox a few days ago I have stopped drinking coffee and I am really going to try and stick to it!

– I have one brother (younger), I miss him terribly.

– my mum was a concert pianist by trade and I really regret not sticking with the piano lessons she was forcing me to take as a kid.

– I am left handed and smudge everything I write as soon as ink is involved.

– I really enjoy Ramadan. It brings the best out of people and even if you aren’t fasting the paste of everything slows down and gives time to reflect and make positive changes in life. It’s truly a special time of the year.

– I loose / break / sit on all designer sunglasses which is why I have stopped buying them. All my Ray Bans are fakes, I go to Karama and buy 10 pairs at a time. They last me around 4 -6 weeks. (!!!)

– My second favourite TV show after Friends is Entourage and my favourite character is Ari Gold. I secretly wish I could meet a person like him in real life. If I had Ari and Phoebe Buffay as my friends I would be set I think.

– I am trying to stop gossiping! I have recently heard a lot of not-so-nice-things about me (which unfortunately may be a part of the industry I work in) and realized that the only thing I can do is to lead by example. For my own piece of mind if nothing else.

– I don’t like oysters but I force myself to eat them cause it’s such a fancy thing to do. 😀

– good music is crucial for my wellbeing and as long as I have a good soundtrack in my ears I can take anything on. I always say that as long as I am surrounded by good music, I have the ability to do sports and work with something creative for a living I will be fine. It doesn’t have to be harder than that.

– I used to collect Starbucks City Mugs and have a good 50 of them. They take pretty much all space in my tiny kitchen.

– I LOVE cleaning out my closet / apartment every 3 months or so. De-cluttering has therapeutic properties if you ask me. (I give away most clothing to charity or team up with a few girlfriends and sell them at Dubai flea market. We always use the money to go out for a fancy dinner the same night.).

That is about it Lovelies, have the greatest of days. XXX

A look back at 2012 – a year of challenges and realisation.

2012 started off with a massive health scare and I realized (like many other people that go through something similar) that health is our prime asset and one of the most valuable things in life.

After having been unable to do any form of exercise for months, once I fully recovered from my surgery I made a promise to myself to be my very healthiest. Hands down the best decision ever – not only am I fully recovered from whatever illness that was haunting me, I’ve also made friends with some like minded people with whom I now share my passion for a healthy and active lifestyle.

One of the best things about the year that’s been was going freelance with representation by no one less but bareface, the regions prime talent agency. I have spent a lot of time on locations and in photo studios working on some amazing creative projects.

No days are each other like at work and I absolutely love that! P.S Next time you see massive billboards on Sheikh Zayed Road with advertisement for Baby Shop, it was work by Yours Truly. 🙂

From babies to luxury items – both the fashion and the advertisement part of styling are equally challenging but in different ways. One requires being innovative and creative, whilst the other requires great people skills and an ability to translate a clients commercial vision into a still image.

There were perks to being a blogger, such as invites to review products and services (above are my very favourites: the Gold facial treatment at Sisters Beauty Salon and the eye lash extension at Tillia and Finn);

Events were  hosted by luxury brands and celebrities;

At some stage I had doubts on whether I should continue blogging. I presume that most bloggers go through that at some point. I decided however not only to continue writing but to relaunch my site into one with a more professional outlook and it was the best decision ever made.

The feedback on it has been great, so has the media coverage and suddenly I found my face (and even my humble home) grazing pages of most of my loved publications in the UAE. Grateful!

I worked with no one less but Camilla Skovgaard on a fashion film that opened her New York fashion week appearance and we got along so well I am by now fortunate enough to call Camilla a close personal friend.

I have travelled though work, like when I styled a catwalk show in Bahrain…

There were boys there. 🙂

And Maldives (for an international advertisement campaign)..

There were boys there too 🙂

I turned 34 years old and my (at that time) loved one made it my best birthday ever. I was overwhelmed by the amount of friends that chose to celebrate with me. The fact that it got covered in local magazines – well I still have to pinch myself when I think of that one. My 15 minutes of fame I guess?

I learned once and for all who my friends are and how much they mean to me.

And how spending time with family and friends and creating memories (may it be nights of dancing till your feet hurt, culinary highlights or an impromptu sheesha and Moroccan tea session) are the highlights of my days.

I got to participate in a global campaign for Boucheron along the side of big international bloggers – it was a massive thrill to get to represent my beloved UAE globally!

A lot happened on the personal plane (details of which I will stay private with) but I am so grateful for it all. It meant a lot for my personal growth and I got a much needed reminder of how strong I really am.

I decided that a new tattoo would be in order!

To top things off I had a spectacular last day of the year. Yet again gratitude is the key word.

This post turned out to be long and emotional – phew! Back to fashion blogging tomorrow, business as usual. Loads of love / T.

2013 I have been waiting for you.

Yesterday: I surrounded myself by my loved ones. Said goodbye to someone who became very special to me over the course of the last few weeks – which girl doesn’t need her very own life coach/ nutritional expert/ big brother substitute at times? Watched the sunset from my favourite spot in Dubai as I do every year.

Last night: a 3 storey penthouse incl. in house art gallery. I wore Alexander Wang. Stood on a terrace with quite possibly the best views of the Burj Khalifa fireworks. Made new friends. Drank too much champagne. Now listening to THIS song whilst letting it all sink in. Happy New Year everyone, let’s make this one count.