Level Shoes – the Ramadan edit.

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This Ramadan marks my 12th year in the UAE and yet again I am reminded of how much I enjoy this time of the year. Dubai life is known for being fast paced and these spiritually significant days allow for everyone to slow down, reflect and rediscover our fair city.

Iftars are a must to experience – thoroughly curated, culinary vibrant they are a beautiful way to connect with friends and family. Whilst simple in nature the dishes traditionally served are something I reminiscent for months and months that follow. Being somewhat of a fitness / wellness advocate I normally don’t include kunafe in my weekly meal plans. During Ramadan however this glutinous gooey cheesy treat is like the proverbial bucket of gold at the end of the mythical rainbow.

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Ramadan dressing revolves around modesty and good taste. Kaftans are a fool proof way of ensuring that you’re comfortable, culturally appropriate and on trend. With its nudge towards folklore through intricate beading work and embroidery, they are my preferred item of clothing that later during the year gets reinvented as resort wear. As homes get adorned with lights in anticipation of Eid Al Fitr, I invite sequins and cracked golden leather into my wardrobe. The Nยฐ 21 mules are the Holy Grail of Instagram footwear, frequently seen on street style icons all over the globe.

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Aquazurra can do no wrong and these brocade pumps, with their homage towards ethic footwear, work wonderfully well with a monochrome ensemble but would also stand their ground when matched with geometrical patterns – after all dis the season to embrace minimalism with open arms.ย Lastly – our very own Dubai made All Things Mochi has launched a collection of handmade espadrilles exclusively for Level. They are as comfortable as they are fun.

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All the footwear can be found on Level Shoe District – website and the physical store at The Dubai Mall.

The journey of the bucket bag.





Currently in love with GUCCI’s latest collection of bucket bags. Bucket being the shape-du-jour the brand has jumped onboard a very current trend whilst staying true to the GUCCI heritage by using their signature diamante print. The only tough decision is what colour to choose from as they come in an array of crisp summer hues. Get yours HERE or at the Dubai Mall store. xxx

My head space.


Sunset run, nothing majorly impressive. My usual distance is 3-4 kilometres and I take my time. I choose off road or terrain if possible as I enjoy the extra challenge and the proximity to nature. Desert always wins!

Miss matched gym gear as even fashion bloggers deserve a day off from.. well, looking like fashion bloggers I presume? CHANEL J12 tells the time and the beige gold alloy reflects the warm and saturated light in the most alluring way. ๐Ÿ™‚ #365mania part deux / Teresa

Australia’s finest.


As a Scandinavian person who’s rather into her minimalism I have always walked around with the proverbial chip on my shoulder thinking that us Vikings do it better. IT being fashion – naturally. Lately however, for every time I find myself captivated by a new street style icon, a blog or a brand, they all seem to originate from the land down under.

Perhaps it’s me who after 10 years in a perpetually sunny climate have morphed into someone who carefully embraces prints and the standard Scandinavian ”monochrome-deconstructed” no longer defines me. At the same token I don’t ever fully see myself embracing the Middle Eastern opulence and so it seems that the Australian designs are the perfect transit.

Anyhow: from the top left.

1. Cameo The Label (link HERE): graphic / floral prints, skorts and bare midriffs. The palm leaf print collection was what caught my eye and I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing their look books.

2. One Teaspoon (link HERE): the official undoubted ROYALTIES of distressed denim.

3. Lover The Label (link HERE): sheer feminine lace is their trade mark although the cuts are quite contemporary. In other words medium sweet, kinda like a good cup of Turkish coffee.

4. Skye And Staghorn (link HERE): sensational swimwear of the dressier type; in other words ”lounge by a fancy urban infinity pool” rather than ”skippy hoppy on the beach with me mates”. I am ashamed to admit that I only own the latter type and feel the urge to upgrade that part of my closet and that pronto.

5. ZIMMERMAN (link HERE): stunning ready-to-wear collections that mix metallics, sheer crochet and lace fabrics and the occasional boho flow, in other words all good things in life and fashion under one roof.