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Boucheron asked me to interpret the Boucheron Quatre collection. This was a brilliant collaboration between the jewelry house and 7 international bloggers and I had the big pleasure to be selected as one of them.

Boucheron is a Maison that’s always been on my radar because of their super quirky yet oh-so-elegant animal inspired collections (such as this flamingo watch) but in this collaboration I was invited to have a closer look at the pure sophistication that is the Quatre collection.

The Collection Quatre is one of the brands signature collections created in 2004 and the latest White Edition (as seen in below photos) pays a hommage to the savoir-faire of the Maison Boucheron, the sculptor of precious materials.

As the name implies, 4 rings meet and create one beautiful piece that’s modern and unique whilst being a handcrafted artisan ring with a lot of history behind it.

When asked to work along the theme of ”Eternal” I decided that I wanted to do just that; bring together modern and heritage, old and new, innovative and traditional.

I visited a part of Dubai that is far from the public eye and doesn’t get a lot of media attention, yet is a hub of everything real and raw, just like the precious stones used in the pieces I wore.

At the same time, the majestic skyline with the worlds tallest building stands out from the village-esque neighborhood and is a wonderful contrast that when put together visually really stimulates the eye.

The ring I wore (yellow gold, pink gold, ceramic and and a band of diamonds) was quite possibly one of the most beautiful pieces that have ever rested on my hand and needless to say I had a really hard time returning it after the shoot.
It suited my rather minimalistic personal style and played a lot on the contrasts between structures – a special effect I love when putting together outfits.

(What I wore:
Tuxedo blazer from Beyond Vintage, tee from Alexander Wang, skirt from Helmut Lang and sandals from Mango.)

Needless to say the little piece of art that is a Quatre ring is now on top of my ultimate wishlist. Thank you Boucheron for a memorable day! / Teresa

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P.S.S Boucheron would like to encourage YOU to come the Boucheron boutique and discover the Quatre collection. Post your picture on Instagram using the hashtag #BoucheronQuatre (from Dec 3rd to Dec 6th).

The most beautiful and original pictures will be featured on the Boucheron Facebook page and Instagram account!

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