CUT by Wolfgang Puck


When I first set my foot at CUT by Wolfgang Puck I felt myself transported to a gentleman’s club dated ca 1920. This in my books is a very good thing; I have a very soft spot for timeless elegance.


Caught in the spirit of classics I ordered an Old Fashioned as my welcome drink. A long and informative chat with the head chef followed; as I grew up alongside my bother Adam, a very passionate chef and restauranteur I consider myself well trained in the back – of – house related matters.


The food didn’t lack in presentation or flavour. Whilst the menu was rather extensive CUT caters primarily to steak connoisseurs. I happen to be an avid carnivore and thoroughly enjoyed a medium rare aged Australian rib eye with a side of a rich Merlot. I think if I was to decide upon my last meal on earth the above would cut it. (Pun totally intended).


Since I am not a bona fide food critic I don’t feel confident going into depths of discussing preparation methods, beef marbling scores and liberally throwing terms like ”musky” and ”nutty” around. What I am confident in saying however is that my evening was impeccable. The service was beautifully tentative without being invasive, my steak and wine combo was worthy of the last meal label and the chocolate soufflé served outdoors at a terrace with regal views left me wanting to come back and pronto. I would recommend this as a great date night venue, if not because the dining experience comes with a heavier price tag. Here is to hoping that the gentleman in question would have the good manners not to want to go Dutch on the bill. :)



I wore a Clover Canyon dress from S*uce and true to my relaxed style teamed it with ADIDAS sneakers. Because why not. XXX


The Beach


Recently when rummaging through the depths of my closet I stumbled upon these light pink silk harem pants by Dubai based designer Ayesha Depala. This season I am all about muted shades so I anticipate wearing them a lot!


I also seem to have snowed myself in on the idea of dressing tone-in-tone so when a similar hued top emerged on one of my high street trawls I knew I would have a safe workwear ensemble on my hands.


On the beauty front – one of my best make up discoveries this season would have to be the Estee Lauder Pure Lipstick Envy series. The sole reason to why I haven’t blogged about them is that I started using them all from the day they landed on my desk and now due to the standard handbag wear and tear they’re in no position to star in a photo shoot.

The Insolent Plum shade (as seen in the photo above) is a cool shade of purple that when smudged acts like a dark rose tint and when fully layered turns into a lustre dark lip.

Shoot location: The Beach JBR. Photographer Alexia Mabraganis (




Combining and reinventing non significant every day items into blogger worthy outfits has become a bit of my trademark. I am not entirely sure if normcore has always been a part of my aesthetics or if it’s bred from my busy lifestyle but at this stage simplicity fits like the proverbial glove.

One of my favourite pieces in my closet is the army shirt; frequently spotted on street style pages globally and easy to acquire as most high street outlets release them on a bimonthly basis. (My tip for when you are buying one? Skip military memorabilia, faux badges and iron-on sparkles. Eye catching at first, embellishments have a short expiry date).


The key when wearing a piece this masculine is to balance it out with something from the other side of the scale, namely  an eye-catching pair of heels. A feminine light hued skirt would have worked too and I have seen it in plenties on LA based bloggers and a multitude of Pinterest repins.



My arm party still consists of the two Monica Vinader pieces and one from Lola Rose (all from Boutique1). I have however just been gifted a lovely personalised Robert Wan pearl creation that I can’t wait to show you. XXX

Images by the lovely Alexia Mabraga.



Stan Smith

If you were to invest in your first pair of sneakers (and not a pair to wear to the gym but rather one for the fashionable outings) the iconic ADIDAS Stan Smith should be it (see numerous examples below).



Massively versatile; the Stan Smith sneaker is best worn with boyfriend denim or a pair of leather trousers. Lace separates in cream and black works splendidly well too, so do demure pencil skirts. Keep the tonal family muted and apart from the staple black and whites play around grey / beige and camel. A red lip a’la Clemence Poesy helps.

Images found on Pinterest when looking up Stan Smith; apologies for not crediting all bloggers directly. If you happen to recognise any of them please credit the site in the comments field. // XXX




When it comes to nails I am a massive creature of habit. I like them perfectly groomed at all times and feel very grubby when they’re not, I also only stick to a taupe / beige range of colours.

My favourite brand of nail polish has for years been OPI and I was thrilled when approached by the brand to curate and give away a selection of my favourite OPI hues to one lucky reader.

Above are my long term favourites with quirky names like Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, French Quarter For Your Thoughts, Taupeless Beach, Dulce De Lece and San Tan Tonio.

All you need to do is to go onto my Instagram, repost ANY of your favourite StyleDrifter photos, tag me in it (@StyleDrifter so I can see your participation) and hashtag #StyleDrifterlovesOPI. Comment underneath the contest image when done. Winner will be randomly generated  from the comments field.

Mwah mwah!


Autumn with CHANEL


Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with CHANEL’s beauty department and their head make up artist Najete Ezzarqui. Prior to the launch of their autumn hues I was given the opportunity to learn a few application techniques using the latest products as well as work around the shades that suit my colouring.

The collection consists of a spectrum of muted purples, burgundies and taupes – as expected from a fall range. As I am a sun kissed – olive skinned – green eyed strawberry blonde this was very much a complimentary palette for my colouring.


We opted for a rendition of the smokey eye in deep cold purple; something I have had done on me by many make up artists and thaw is my ”go to” editorial photoshoot look.

Najette helped me with visually reshaping my eyes – I happen to have what make up artists refer to as the Asian framing and a hooded eyelid. In other words there isn’t a lot of eye lid space to work with and application is the key not to close off my squinty eyes any further. :) Sideways / upwards application of eyeshadow blended thoroughly towards the crease tends to do the trick.

Whilst old skool beauty tips always emphasised the importance o balancing out either a heavy eye or lip but never both together; I have seen throughout my line of work whilst watching make up artists on set that it’s just an urban legend. As a stylist I can only compare it to nonsense tips like ”horizontal stripes make you look bigger”. I asked Najette to translate one of my favourite editorial beauty looks (which is a purple lid and a statement red lip) to my facial features and really loved the result. If your colouring is similar to mine I suggest that you give it a try!



Now let’s talk products:

New and permanent additions to my make up bag from this collections are the above seen Les Ombres in 204 (Poesie), Ombre Essentielle in 104 (Palpitation) and 106 (Hesitation). P.S Don’t you just love the romanticism of the French names?

I have also recently developed the habit of wearing a dark lip – how very goth of me. Whilst a saturated high pigment dark lippy is something I reserve for nocturnal outings CHANEL’s Rouge Coco Shine in 96 (Aura) is great for the daytime. Whilst it looks dark and heavy in the image (could be due to my photography and retouching) it glides on semi transparent and feels more like a glossy lip tint.

The last priceless tip I picked up and have been relying on ever since is using the illuminating base (Le Blanc De CHANEL, link HERE) on top of my make up. This has worked wonders when applied halfway thought a day and prolonged the dewiness of a base applied in wee morning hours. / Teresa XXX


The One I Want



Anyone who has followed me and my blog for more than a week will in an instant realise that I have an undying love for CHANEL that I only share with anything related to surf. Seeing the previews of the new CHANEL N5 campaign (directed by Baz Luhrmann) which clearly are about Giselle surfing have left me gasping for air. In blogger lingo: like I cannot even.

Over the next few days I will be sharing more of behind the scenes imagery and video previews here as well as on my Instagram and FB page. Stay tuned as it’s going to be a CHANEL kind of week.


Mojave ghost


I have put together a little shopping edit based on my love for the new Byredo release which is the Mojave Ghost.

- Rough Rugs (link HERE) create dresses from the Keffiyeh fabric. They have been loved and featured by most style bloggers on Instagram and whilst currently sold out I am hoping that they will replenish their stock soon so I can lay my hands on one.

- Paula Mendoza (link HERE) has caught my eye with her signature snake creations. I don’t really do statement pieces as such and prefer layering of dainty separates but her cuffs in both gold and silver are truly unique.

- Swedish / Danish Anine Bing (link HERE) has made it with a bang in my favourite city Los Angeles. Her urban / boho collection  mainly consists of leather, denim and killer biker boots but I have just seen the addition of these dreamy woven ballerinas. LIKE.

- Michael Kors isn’t a brand that usually catches my interest but when browsing thought the Netaporter feed I was pleasantly surprised to see this fringed beauty amongst the brands new releases. It feels current yet timeless and the taupe shade would go with most colours in my closet. (Link HERE).

- Obsessed with the Insolent Plum hue from Estee Lauder and their new range of lip pies which is the Pure Colour Envy. (link HERE)






Before the term NORMCORE was founded by a bunch of American hipsters I struggled to find that one word that would define my how I feel about my day to day style. I have always felt that a lot of non significant pieces can make up a multitude of interesting combos that can be varied endlessly.

Currently living in what gets referred to as a pair of ”jeggings” (although I strongly dislike that word). What looks like jeans but feels like a pair of leggings in saturated black colour, this particular pair has been worn frequently enough for me to contemplate getting a second pair.

Currently in GAP stores nationwide; make sure to buy one size down. X


Bab Al Shams






Technical site issues resolved; there seems to be a hosting problem related to the steadily increasing amount of followers. This is way too complicated for my creative self but apparently the more of you that read the site (yay), the more it overloads the server capacity.

On a blog note: a few snaps from my recent staycation and a modest outfit post. Currently living in cropped white dungarees and Ganni boots. I have below posted shopping links if you were to look for similar items. Loads of LOVE xxx

P.S I blurred my face out on purpose (before anyone get’s a chance to comment :) ). I was rocking a sleepy make up free face for 3 days; well deserved break for my skin.