AW must haves.


Shop bop (link HERE) have yet again nailed with with speedy delivery – from pressing ”place order” on my laptop to my doorstep in Dubai in 48 hours. Just as well because I am working solidly every day until my departure and have to pack little snippets daily.

I bought a few fall essentials; my wardrobe is very Dubai accustomed at the moment and I can’t help but feel I need to get back into the Scandi groove of things a little. Hopefully my closet and my inspiration will get an XL sized refill after this long overdue holiday!

Right – here are a few shopping links if you liked any of the pieces above:

  • Mega cool grey wedge mules from Vince (link HERE). The mule frenzy is far from over and these are really versatile.
  •  These Current / Elliott Stiletto jeans detailed with a crackled, photoreal print look like liquid marble and fit like the proverbial glove (link HERE).
  • I have been looking for the perfect fedora for ages and I keep buying high street versions even thought I know better than to do so. Without having tried one on I guessed that the Rag & Bone felt hats were something extra. I am in love with the olive medium wide brimmed one that arrived but there are loads of colors and sizes to choose from. Generally the rule is that round faces (like mine) should opt for a medium brim. HERE is a link to all their hat fabulosity anyhow. Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “AW must haves.”

  1. You’re a star! I have LITERALLY spent the whole day trawling every website I could think of for a pair of mules like this. <3

  2. I’ve spent more than an hour on your site now, browsing through your posts, you’re that amazing!
    The mules in this post look SO GOOD. Absolutely crushing on your style sense haha!

    Much love xo

  3. Hey Girl hey!
    I’ve just been absolutley consumed by your blog, the photography, fashion, etc. It’s all so beautiful. I’m making the move to Dubai and would love some advice if you’re ever around.
    Hope you’re well,
    Natalie x

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