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New in….

I saw this morning that overnight I got around 300 new followers on bloglovin’ – how is that for amazing way to start your day?

With the flow of new readers I feel the need to reintroduce myself.

I am not new to fashion blogging – most of you will probably know me as the author of – a site that I started 3 years ago whilst changing career paths and entering the world of styling / fashion journalism.

Candy & Cookie was well received by the Dubai scene and I was fortunate enough to get media exposure (and features on my personal style) via publications such as Harpers Bazaar, Savoir Flair etc. (You will find a few of the press clippings under Featured In on the landing page).

At the same token I managed to spread my stylist wings (cringe worthy expression but you catch my drift) and work for several TV shows (Dubai One and MBC) as well as commercial clients and printed media – recently working as the Fashion  / BeautyEditor of POSE Magazine (a selection of my portfolio is available under Portfolio on the landing page).

1 month ago I was offered representation by bareface – Dubai’s premier talent agency ( and decided to venture out as a freelance stylist and so the need for a new online portfolio / blog came up.

As much as Candy & Cookie served me well as a quirky name for a personal blog, I found that it wasn’t entirely ‘grown up enough’ when dealing with high end fashion clients. Besides at the end of the day I work with style and not baked goods – ENTER STYLE DRIFTER. 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings…..


This is a typical ”confused” Dubai summer outfit.

Why would I be wearing boots and a jersey when it’s a mere 45 degrees Celcius outside? (Shortly after this photo was taken me and Nikki, my photographer extraordinaire, ran inside screaming and gasping for air). Once inside air conditioned offices however I froze my little bum off and wished I had brought additional socks / pashmina / thermal underwear. Dubai summer in a nutshell in other words.

Skirt: Topshop (it’s ‘inspired’ by Burberry Prorsum pieces ca 2010 and is quite possibly as old)

Boots: Benetton (at some stage I did some visual merchandizing for the Dubai Mall Benetton outlet and as a kind bonus I received store vouchers. Now to be honest I wasn’t sure I would find anything there that I could possibly fancy but the boots were a pleasant surprise).

Sweater: Benetton

Bag: Louis Vuitton Galliera (that just looks better the older it gets, I love that about the LV leather)

Sunglasses: Burberry

Hair: Straight out of salt water as I started my day with a 2 hour paddle around Burj Al Arab. I even saw a turtle which supposedly means good luck!

When straight out of the shower I spray a hint of Bumble and Bumble’s Salt Water spray in my hair – for structure. This time I skipped the artificial stuff and went for the real deal!

Make up: Non existent.

Speaking of hair – mine is in the best shape it’s ever been and I suspect it’s due to frequent usage of a new at-home Keratin treatment I recently got gifted at a press preview at Belle Femme salon.

I need to write a beauty post about that ASAP – it’s rescued my baby hair and I have been getting numerous compliments on my hair lately.

Watch: GANT (I am really keen to lay my hands on a golden Michael Kors one but after seeing how incredibly overpriced they are in the UAE I have asked a friend from the US to get me one before she comes to visit later this month.

I think watches are investment pieces but Michael Kors qualifies more as bijouterie than a watch house so I don’t see a point in paying silly money for one. Now a nice aviation Breitling with mother-of-pearl face on the other hand: different story…)

Bracelet: House of Harlow at WEST L.A

Leather bracelet: Bottega Venetta.


At Home With Erin

One of my biggest style inspirations is the rebel-gone-model Erin Wasson.

Whilst I find that her style might be a wee bit too edgy for me to actually aspire to pull of on a day to day basis (it’s more Downtown LA than Oldtown Dubai), she end up on my mood boards on a regular basis.

This morning I read one of my favourite blog portals – Australian FELLT.COM (a MUST read) and saw images from a fashion editorial shot at Erin’s home. Looking at these images almost makes me feel like I am getting to know Erin (wishful thinking on my part).

My favourite ASH boots – noted!

More feminine than we’re used to seeing her. Stunning nonetheless.

In a pair of boots from Zadig & Voltaire – Erin being a face of the brand I am sure her closet is filled with Z & V freebies.

Quite possibly my favourite outfit combo: denim shirt / statement leather pencil skirt / black Louboutins.

Je voudrais…

No fashion blog is worthy of it’s name without a list of cravings so I thought I’d introduce it as a weekly feature.

This week I’m madly in lust with:

1. Moroccan kelim boots (I am almost considering a spontaneous weekend trip to Marrakesh just to lay my hands on a pair of these). Each pair is unique as they’re all made out of recycled old kelim rugs.

2. Orange Calèche bracelet from Hermès – a timeless piece that goes with pretty much everything!

3. Studded denim jacket from Ksubi – faded nad distressed for the perfect degree of rock chick. Available at (click HERE to get to the site).

Me and Mrs. R. Owens.

I started off so well with a spanking new post on my new site, only to go full radio silence  for almost a week! That is by no means acceptable blog decorum.

To my defense I got caught up with work projects that you may be interested in reading about: (if you follow me on instagram you would most probably have seen the above photo and recognized the stunning blonde amazon that is Camilla Skovgaard – shoe designer extraordinaire).

As usual with these kinds of projects there is an aura of mystery surrounding it up until the launch date and I can’t reveal much details (although I’d really really like to), but  all I can say for now is that I had the pleasure to work as a warderobe stylist for a promotional piece of art for Camilla that will be launching world wide in a few weeks time.

Working with Camilla – also known as Mrs. Rick Owens because of the fact that she doesn’t wear any other designers – was beyond inspiring and I’m really grateful that I got to play around in her showroom like closet, have a  preview of her new shoe and accessories line and last but not least get to know her as a person. She happens to be the most grounded and warm person that I have met in a really long time so the 3 days I got to spend with her did not at all feel like work.

Now recovering from 3 consecutive 14 h working days, maybe a cheeky episode of Mad Men + breakfast in bed is on the cards. / XXX