Australia’s finest.


As a Scandinavian person who’s rather into her minimalism I have always walked around with the proverbial chip on my shoulder thinking that us Vikings do it better. IT being fashion – naturally. Lately however, for every time I find myself captivated by a new street style icon, a blog or a brand, they all seem to originate from the land down under.

Perhaps it’s me who after 10 years in a perpetually sunny climate have morphed into someone who carefully embraces prints and the standard Scandinavian ”monochrome-deconstructed” no longer defines me. At the same token I don’t ever fully see myself embracing the Middle Eastern opulence and so it seems that the Australian designs are the perfect transit.

Anyhow: from the top left.

1. Cameo The Label (link HERE): graphic / floral prints, skorts and bare midriffs. The palm leaf print collection was what caught my eye and I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing their look books.

2. One Teaspoon (link HERE): the official undoubted ROYALTIES of distressed denim.

3. Lover The Label (link HERE): sheer feminine lace is their trade mark although the cuts are quite contemporary. In other words medium sweet, kinda like a good cup of Turkish coffee.

4. Skye And Staghorn (link HERE): sensational swimwear of the dressier type; in other words ”lounge by a fancy urban infinity pool” rather than ”skippy hoppy on the beach with me mates”. I am ashamed to admit that I only own the latter type and feel the urge to upgrade that part of my closet and that pronto.

5. ZIMMERMAN (link HERE): stunning ready-to-wear collections that mix metallics, sheer crochet and lace fabrics and the occasional boho flow, in other words all good things in life and fashion under one roof.


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