At Home With Erin

One of my biggest style inspirations is the rebel-gone-model Erin Wasson.

Whilst I find that her style might be a wee bit too edgy for me to actually aspire to pull of on a day to day basis (it’s more Downtown LA than Oldtown Dubai), she end up on my mood boards on a regular basis.

This morning I read one of my favourite blog portals – Australian FELLT.COM (a MUST read) and saw images from a fashion editorial shot at Erin’s home. Looking at these images almost makes me feel like I am getting to know Erin (wishful thinking on my part).

My favourite ASH boots – noted!

More feminine than we’re used to seeing her. Stunning nonetheless.

In a pair of boots from Zadig & Voltaire – Erin being a face of the brand I am sure her closet is filled with Z & V freebies.

Quite possibly my favourite outfit combo: denim shirt / statement leather pencil skirt / black Louboutins.

4 thoughts on “At Home With Erin”

  1. congrats on your new blog. it´s extremely well done & inspiring. and as erin is one of my favorite style muses as well…. that blog post deserves an extra “big brownie” point & commendation. . . certainly will keep on following you. and certainly will promote you on my “enviesion” life&style blog as well… xoxo ni*

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