A new take on Hermès

I am  always on the lookout for a new sweatshirt.

I have worn my YSL one on countless occasions and at some stage I was hoping to lay my paws on the highly coveted Kenzo one, but by the time I found one it was already way overexposed.

Enter ”Homies” – a brilliant take on the Hermès logo by Brian Lichtenberg (available HERE).

I wore it with my boyfriend jeans from PRPS Heirloom, Mango heels and a Topshop clutch. / xxx Teresa

4 thoughts on “A new take on Hermès”

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and oh my god… I’m already addicted! I had two options for my Saturday night; a night out with the girlies or a cosy night in with the bf… Instead I am sitting in with a hot cup of tea, reading your blog and I have to say – no regrets!

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