2012 in outfits.

As many of my fellow bloggers I have decided to sum up the year that has been in outfits.

I have realized a few things after seeing an overview of what I have worn in 2012:

I am an absolute magpie and I love everything that sparkles. Sequins are frequently represented in my wardrobe and my collection of glittery footwear is rapidly expanding.

Monochrome is usually my comfort zone…

Recently however blogs like Songs Of Style etc have strongly influenced me into experimenting with colour and patterns.

I am obsessed with sweatshirts…

And I wear the YSL one to the extent it’s ridiculous.

Leather works for me regardless of the time of the year – I power through in the name of fashion.

And every once in a while I like playing dress up! xxx love T.


4 thoughts on “2012 in outfits.”

  1. So so beautiful!!! I wish you a happy new year and just keep on doing such nice Outfitposts! your absolutly my Inspiration and I LOVE your Blog!
    :) Ivana

  2. to say you dress cool- is an understatement. I love your combination choices, elegant but cool, yeah, cool (ok, i used it redundantly) 😉 more this 2013 :) Happy new year! God bless.

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