This is a typical ”confused” Dubai summer outfit.

Why would I be wearing boots and a jersey when it’s a mere 45 degrees Celcius outside? (Shortly after this photo was taken me and Nikki, my photographer extraordinaire, ran inside screaming and gasping for air). Once inside air conditioned offices however I froze my little bum off and wished I had brought additional socks / pashmina / thermal underwear. Dubai summer in a nutshell in other words.

Skirt: Topshop (it’s ‘inspired’ by Burberry Prorsum pieces ca 2010 and is quite possibly as old)

Boots: Benetton (at some stage I did some visual merchandizing for the Dubai Mall Benetton outlet and as a kind bonus I received store vouchers. Now to be honest I wasn’t sure I would find anything there that I could possibly fancy but the boots were a pleasant surprise).

Sweater: Benetton

Bag: Louis Vuitton Galliera (that just looks better the older it gets, I love that about the LV leather)

Sunglasses: Burberry

Hair: Straight out of salt water as I started my day with a 2 hour paddle around Burj Al Arab. I even saw a turtle which supposedly means good luck!

When straight out of the shower I spray a hint of Bumble and Bumble’s Salt Water spray in my hair – for structure. This time I skipped the artificial stuff and went for the real deal!

Make up: Non existent.

Speaking of hair – mine is in the best shape it’s ever been and I suspect it’s due to frequent usage of a new at-home Keratin treatment I recently got gifted at a press preview at Belle Femme salon.

I need to write a beauty post about that ASAP – it’s rescued my baby hair and I have been getting numerous compliments on my hair lately.

Watch: GANT (I am really keen to lay my hands on a golden Michael Kors one but after seeing how incredibly overpriced they are in the UAE I have asked a friend from the US to get me one before she comes to visit later this month.

I think watches are investment pieces but Michael Kors qualifies more as bijouterie than a watch house so I don’t see a point in paying silly money for one. Now a nice aviation Breitling with mother-of-pearl face on the other hand: different story…)

Bracelet: House of Harlow at WEST L.A

Leather bracelet: Bottega Venetta.


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